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Cooke Lenses - Complete List

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  The Cooke Look  

Cooke manufactures a wide range of 35mm Prime lenses suitable for multiple film applications. All Prime lenses are colour matched so you can interchange with confidence. The Cooke lenses are easily maintained, accurate, and reliable. By far the majority of Cooke lenses ever manufactured are still in everyday use.  

Cinematographers choose Cooke lenses for the "Cooke Look" - a sharp, subtle,
smooth rendering that provides dimensionality and high contrast, and pleases the eye.

"What is the Cooke Look? Cooke's have a shapeness, a presence to the image, a roundness, a feeling of giving depth and shape to the image. It's sharp edge-to-edge but the image has more presence -a depth and shape that's pleasing to the eye."
-Ed Lachman, ASC



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Cooke Anamorphic/i Primes

All of the anamorphic lens characteristics demanded by filmmakers today with the Cooke Look® and oval bokeh. That’s the Cooke Anamorphic/i Look.

The Anamorphic lens images beautifully rendered for film and especially suited for use with digital cameras. Exceptionally well corrected aberrations over the entire image area – astigmatism, lateral and longitudinal colour – that will render shape, form and soul to your images.

While the "look" is crucial, precision engineering and seamless integration with other equipment is equally important. The Anamorphic /i, T2.3 primes in seven focal lengths are colour matched to our S4/i, 5/i and miniS4/i lenses.

The Anamorphic lense offer superb optical and mechanical performance. Distortion, veiling glare, flares, and all aberrations are controlled at all apertures over the whole field of view in all anamorphic lenses. Like the Cooke S4/i, 5/i and miniS4/i prime lenses, the cam focus mechanism allows for smooth focus adjustments. Modular construction increases ease of maintenance and serviceability. The Anamorphic /i lenses are designed and made by Cooke Optics to their traditional high standards in Leicester, England.

 Anamorphic /i Lens Brochure


Cooke 5/i Prime Lenses

The 5/i lenses are color-matched and compatible with Cooke S4/i, miniS4/i, Anamorphic /i, CXX 15-40 mm T2 S4/i Zoom, 18-100mm T3.0 and 25-250mm T3.7 and the SK4 16mm lenses. The 5/i Prime Lenses are are supplied with /i Technology, and are designed for all PL mounted professional motion picture film and electronic cameras.

 5/i Lens Brochure


Cooke S4/i Prime Lenses

The S4/i lens design foregoes the usual helical thread method of focus adjustment in favor of Cooke's Academy Award®-winning cam mechanism. The S4/i lens smooth cam movement liberates the lens from a simple thread rotation giving the operator an appropriate rate of focus at all distances. The cam design also allows for better spaced and more detailed and visible index marks on the S4/i lens.

The S4/i prime lenses are reknowned for superb control of flare, distortion, veiling glare, and spherical aberrations at full aperture.

 S4/i Lens Brochure


Cooke miniS4/i Prime Lenses

The miniS4/i Prime Lenses incorporate everything today's filmmakers ask for: smaller, lighter weight lenses that offer the same resolution, optical quality and reliability as the S4/i lenses but at a lower price - and, the miniS4/i lenses are interchangeable for shooting film and digital images up to and beyond a 4K resolution. Available individually in focal lengths: 18, 21, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 75, 100 and 135mm  and also avaialable in sets.

Cooke miniS4/i optics offer superb optical and mechanical performance, control of flare, distortion, veiling glare and spherical aberrations at full aperture. The minis4/i lens cam-type focus mechanism allows for smooth focus adjustments. Modular construction increases ease of maintenance and serviceability.

The miniS4/i lenses will cover RED Epic S35 format with an image circle of 33.54mm.

 miniS4/i Lens Brochure


Cooke Lens Test Projector

The Cooke Lens Test Projector is the first product in the new “Cooke Metrology” product line. The Cooke Lens Projector was developed for one of the most critical and demanding aspects of cinematography: to ensure that cinema lenses are adjusted and maintained to the highest standards possible.

Cooke Lens Test Projector

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ZGC-CookeAllComplete Cooke Price list  

 Cooke Anamorphic/i Prime Lenses
CKEA 25Cooke 25mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3$29,900
CKEA 32Cooke 32mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3$29,900
CKEA 40Cooke 40mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3$29,900
CKEA 50 Cooke 50mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3$29,900
CKEA 65Cooke 65mm Macro Anamorphic/i Lens T2.6$32,250
CKEA 75Cooke 75mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3$29,900
CKEA 100Cooke 100mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3$29,900
CKEA 135Cooke 135mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3$29,900
CKEA 180Cooke 180mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.8$34,000
CKEA 300Cooke 300mm Anamorphic/i Lens T3.5$36,000

 Cooke Anamorphic/i Zoom Lens
CKEA ZOOM35-140Cooke 35-140mm Anamorphic/i Lens Zoom$63,750

 Cooke Anamorphic/i SF Prime Lenses
CKEASF 25 Cooke 25mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3 SF$29,900
CKEASF 32Cooke 32mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3 SF$29,900
CKEASF 40Cooke 40mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3 SF$29,900
CKEASF 50Cooke 50mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3 sf$29,900
CKEASF 75Cooke 75mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3 SF$29,900
CKEASF 100Cooke 100mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3 SF$29,900
CKEASF 135Cooke 135mm Anamorphic/i Lens T2.3 SF$29,900

 NEW Cooke PANCHRO/i Classic Lenses
CKEPC 18Cooke 18mm PANCHRO/i Classic$9,100
CKEPC 25Cooke 25mm PANCHRO/i Classic$9,100
CKEPC 32Cooke 32mm PANCHRO/i Classic$9,100
CKEPC 40Cooke 40mm PANCHRO/i Classic$9,100
CKEPC 50Cooke 50mm PANCHRO/i Classic$9,100
CKEPC 75Cooke 75mm PANCHRO/i Classic$9,100
CKEPC 100Cooke 100mm PANCHRO/i Classic$9,100
CKEPC 152Cooke 152mm PANCHRO/i Classic$9,100

 Cooke miniS4/i Prime Lenses
CKEP 18Cooke 18mm miniS4/i Lens$8,500
CKEP 21Cooke 21mm miniS4/i Lens$7,300
CKEP 25Cooke 25mm miniS4/i Lens$7,300
CKEP 32Cooke 32mm miniS4/i Lens$7,300
CKEP 40Cooke 40mm miniS4/i Lens$7,300
CKEP 50Cooke 50mm miniS4/i Lens$7,300
CKEP 65Cooke 65mm miniS4/i Lens$7,300
CKEP 75Cooke 75mm miniS4/i Lens$7,300
CKEP 100Cooke 100mm miniS4/i Lens$7,300
CKEP 135Cooke 135mm miniS4/i Lens$8,500
CKEP SET6Cooke miniS4/i 6 Lens Set (18mm, 25mm, 32mm , 50mm, 75mm & 100mm)$42,600
CKEP SET9Cooke miniS4/i 9 Lens Set (18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 75mm, 100mm & 135mm)$62,500
CKEP SET10Cooke miniS4/i 10 Lens Set (18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 75mm, 100mm & 135mm)$69,500

 Cooke S4/i Prime Lenses
CKE 12iCooke 12mm S4/i Lens$24,400
CKE 14iCooke 14mm S4/i Lens$20,400
CKE 16iCooke 16mm S4/i Lens$19,650
CKE 18iCooke 18mm S4/i Lens$18,500
CKE 21iCooke 21mm S4/i Lens$18,500
CKE 25iCooke 25mm S4/i Lens$17,900
CKE 27iCooke 27mm S4/i Lens$18,500
CKE 32iCooke 32mm S4/i Lens$17,900
CKE 35iCooke 35mm S4/i Lens$17,900
CKE 40iCooke 40mm S4/i Lens$17,900
CKE 50iCooke 50mm S4/i Lens$17,900
CKE 65iCooke 65mm S4/i Lens$18,500
CKE 65/75SFCooke Soft Effect Attachment for 65mm & 75mm Cooke S4/S4/i Prime$3,900
CKE 75iCooke 75mm S4/i Lens$17,900
CKE 100iCooke 100mm S4/i Lens$17,900
CKE 135iCooke 135mm S4/i Lens$20,600
CKE 150iCooke 150mm S4/i Lens$24,800
CKE 180iCooke 180mm S4/i Lens$25,400
CKE 300iCooke 300mm S4/i Lens$26,000

 Cooke 5/i Prime Lenses
CKE5 18Cooke 18mm 5/i Lens T1.4$24,300
CKE5 25Cooke 25mm 5/i Lens T1.4$22,900
CKE5 32Cooke 32mm 5/i Lens T1.4$22,900
CKE5 40Cooke 40mm 5/i Lens T1.4$23,600
CKE5 50Cooke 50mm 5/i Lens T1.4$22,900
CKE5 65Cooke 65mm 5/i Lens T1.4$23,600
CKE5 75Cooke 75mm 5/i Lens T1.4$22,900
CKE5 100Cooke 100mm 5/i Lens T1.4$22,900
CKE5 135Cooke 135mm 5/i Lens T1.4$26,300

 Cooke Extenders for S4/i
CKE-14XCooke 1.4x Extender for Cooke 300mm S4/i$4,300
CKE-2XCooke 2x Extender for Cooke 300mm S4/i$4,300

 Cooke Zooms
CKE 15/40Cooke S4/i CXX 35mm Zoom Lens$48,100
CXX Cover GlassCooke CXX Cover Glass$1,250

 Cooke /i Technology
472-8443Cooke /i Technology to RS-232 Power Supply Adapter & Cable (check lenses without going through the camera)$250
ZPS45-01916Cooke /i Update Base (CKE /iUB)$850

 Cooke Apparel
Z-CKE-TSHIRTCooke Grey Short Sleeve T-Shirt$10

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 Cooke Tools and Parts
COOKE PARTSCooke Parts and AccessoriesCALL US! 

 Cooke Lens Test Projector
Z-CLTPCooke Metrology Lens Test Projector$14,600


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