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Bright Tangerine Misfit Kits : 4x5.650 Clamp on Matte Box - logo

Matteboxes/Sunshades - ZGC Bright Tangerine Misfit Kits : 4x5.650 Clamp on Matte Box

Bright Tangerine Misfit Kits : 4x5.650 Clamp on Matte Box

Part #: B1230.Misfits

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Bright Tangerine Misfit Kits : 4x5.650 Clamp on Matte Box

Built upon a solid carbon fibre core using sophisticated alloys, Misfit leads the way in ingenious light control. At the centre is our patent pending Reveal Technology. Switch from 2-stage to 3-stage in less than 60 seconds. Although you can choose any combination of components you like, we put together the most popular kits.



4x5.65 Clamp-on matte box.

Misfit is designed to be ultra compact and lightweight, yet has the field of view to cover
wide lenses.

Combining adjustable lightweight flags with 2-stage to 3-stage flexibility, Misfit retains the
simplicity of a clamp-on matte box, and adds a range of innovative features.

Smaller and lighter.

Keep it simple.

Sometimes it's good to be compact, and Misfit is perfect partner to a small rig.
Light enough to take to any location, and small enough to manoeuvre in any space.

Adjustable lightweight flags.

Superior light control.

Our matte boxes aren't just filter holders. Protecting your lens from stray light improves
contrast and resolution. The carbon fibre blades are fixed to light alloy axles that stay with the
flag. Remove the flag, remove the weight.


2-stage to 3-stage in seconds.

Undo the screws, slide open the back, and insert another filter tray. It's that simple, and it
takes seconds.

No costly stages to buy. No time wasted changing back plates. Reveal stands out.

Adjustable glide rail.

A mounting point with a difference.

A feather light floating hole. The 3/8" mounting point means you can attach a small LED light, a monitor or  best of all, a Cinetape for tracking distance. Simply twist, slide and place it wherever you want, or remove it
in seconds.

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