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Mattebox accessory - ZGC Arri Diopter Frame 138mm (K2.0013740)

Arri Diopter Frame 138mm (K2.0013740)

Part #: K2.0013740

Price:  $410

Arri Diopter Frame 138mm (K2.0013740)

The diopter frame allows 138 mm diopters of up to +2 to be used in a lightweight
matte box such as the ARRI LMB-25. The frame has the width of two 4” x 5.65”
filter frames and fits into a 2- or 3-filter stage. A safety mechanism prevents the
diopter from falling out of the frame during exchange, while two ¼” threads
permit the frame to be attached to an articulating arm.


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K2.0013740Diopter Frame 138mm (K2.0013740)$410


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